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Independence For England?


Independence for England? OK I believe the last thing we need is more politicians' but read on, you may change your mind.

Scotland has a national assembly as does Wales and now London. But what have the Government got in store the rest of us who live in England but outside London?

The West Lothian Question

In the rush to devolve power the Labour government have made one huge mistake, they have seriously underestimated the ordinary people of England.

They have allowed a situation whereby the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish have say in English affairs such as education but the English have no say in theirs. Is this right? No of course not. But they do not want to give us a parliament but instead want to split us into regional assemblies. 

I feel the time has come for an independent England. A slightly extreme measure perhaps but i believe the time has come to make a firm and amicable split now, rather than suffer years of bitter acrimony and half measures.

Labour losing their grip

Almost the entire cabinet of the government are from north of the border. They have set up Scottish devolution using English money 14 Billion of which floats north over the border each year and that is over and above revenue for north sea oil and the money for their new parliament building. hardly a wise way of spending our (very high) income tax.

So you might say that I am anti-Scot, not so, I am married to a Scot and am determined that our children cherish their mixed identity.

I merely wish to point out that this government has lost its head to the nationalist and liberal lobbies.

Some months ago the then home secretary Jack Straw stated that English Nationalism was a bad thing and that the English were a violent race. Where does this come from Mr Straw? Certainly not from any analytical view of history that is for sure, but from the kind of liberal drivel that ignores national heroes such as Nelson in our History books.

Perhaps this explains the government's rush to divide and conquer the English into regions and in the process placing yet more red tape on our confused systems of local government.

The Government has started a ball rolling, which will only end in the independence of Scotland (although the Welsh do not appear as keen). By doing this the Labour party will be losing their power base to the Scots Nationalists.

The Labour government promised a great deal but have only delivered broken promises and fudged issues.

Independence is the only practical route for England.

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