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Related Links

Political Links and Pressure Groups
The Campaign For An English parliament Official campaign, a 'must' for nationalists.
English Democrats Party Definitely the pick of the bunch of English nationalist parties. One I would urge patriots to support
Charles Wells Sign up to the brewers campaign to make St George's day a national holiday. The beer is great too.
V.O.T.E. (Voice of the English) Title says it all. Very good and intelligent site.
English Patriots Party Another new party


Some Other English sites

Steadfast A site which looks at Englishness from an ethnic perspective.
John Harrison The site of an English songwriter. You can download the songs too.
A truly excellent history of all things Anglo-Saxon. Everything you would possibly want to know about our ancestors with some very good links.




Unrelated Links

Bare Nibs A freelance writing and copywriting service. Perhaps I should have used them when I writted this site.
Reviews Online A free and completely independent book review site
The Royal Air Force Police Association
Association of WRENS  Based in Sidney Australia for any ex-WRNS
Aldershot Town Football Club The mightiest football team in north east Hampshire, probably
Throne out Anti monarchist bunch, quite funny.
The Sweeney The toughest cops ever to wear kipper ties and flares have their home on the web here
Versus Versus


Do you're bit to destroy international relations.

A Message board with Canadians, Americans and Brits slugging it out.

Fun, if you like that sort of thing.

Stop Islam A rather worrying and currently topical site written by Muslims
Hot Movies Great site with film news, reviews, features, galleries, competitions and more. NOT PORN as the title seems to suggest!